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10 Best Wedding Venues in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas

We have photographed probably around 50 unique venues in our career, and we’ve seen some really stunning ones that cater to our type of couples! I can remember planning our own wedding and feeling overwhelmed that I couldn’t find a great resource for awesome wedding venues.  We love working with couples who are planning out of the normal, outdoorsy, romantic weddings, and your venue can play a huge part in setting the tone.  From venues that are a blank canvas to ones that hardly require any decorations at all, we have rounded out our absolute favorite venues in Texas. Though there are hundreds of wonderful wedding venues, we hope this list will help narrow down a couple’s dream venue! We hope our list of the ten best wedding venues in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas helps your decision!


  1.  The White Sparrow

The White Sparrow is a complete white canvas, which makes any wedding look stunning. It’s whitewashed walls gives an elegance that can simply give beautiful wedding images. This is perfect for a couple who wants a blank canvas to cater to their own elegant yet simple wedding details of design.


2.  Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum is perfect for the couple who wants a garden feel. The ceremony site can be spent in the midst of beautiful gardens. It gives a historic charm with striking scenic views.

dallas arboretum
dallas arboretum

dallas arboretum


3. Flying V Ranch

The Flying V Ranch is an authentic barn that provides a unique setting for a couple’s wedding. It gives an antique charm like no other! The simplistic setting, on hundreds of acres, provides such a calming feel for any wedding day.


4. The Grove

The Grove wedding venue gives a classic barn feel with a touch of elegance. It’s the perfect, in between venue, for chic yet classic. The beautiful land offers a space for an outdoor ceremony and reception. The best for a couple who wants to dance their wedding night under the starry night!


5. Hickory Street Annex

Constructed in 1921, the Hickory Street Annex serves the urban styled bride and groom! With its brick walls and huge windows, this venue is nothing short of natural lighting. It’s a blank canvas that doesn’t need many decorations, with it’s rich historic feel.


6. Brik Venue

The Brik venue is such an interesting mix of old historic meets brick courtyard. This wedding venue can be used by either the garden, romantic bride and groom or the urban styled couple. It caters to both tastes with its gorgeous hardwood floors, brick walls, and beautiful courtyard backdrop.


7. The Springs

I have personally shot at almost all of the Springs venues in Texas. They are all beautiful venues that give a rustic charm. For the couple who would like the outside ceremony, surrounded by beautiful grounds, but an options for an indoors reception.  The indoors has high chandeliers that give a stunning feel to any wedding decor.

The Springs Venue; Ivy and Twine Photography

the springs

the springs venue



8. The Filter Building

The historic Filter building waits beside White Rock Lake, in Dallas. The beautiful terraces and industrial interior serves as the perfect backdrop for any wedding theme.

ivyandtwine copy

filter building

filter building

9. The Room on Main

This ballroom venue lets off elegance, the moment you walk through the doors. It is a wide open space for a gorgeous ceremony or reception. It’s high ceilings and hanging chandeliers offer an open feel for your wedding guests.


10. The Milestone 

The Milestone venue is for those wanting a plantation feel, for their wedding setting. It gives beautiful grounds for portraits and ceremony, while a classic reception can happen in the ballroom. This venue allows the couple to utilize both inside and outdoor space for a lovely wedding day!


I hope this helps for the inquiring bride and groom, who may not know where to start when looking for DFW wedding venues!  Are there any that you think should be included?

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